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Shift to a Responsive Data Management

Pivot quickly to address changing business needs

Pivoting with a Responsive Data Strategy

As the market conditions evolve, Global 2000 companies need to pivot quickly to respond to changing business needs. Political, Environmental, Social, and Technological (PEST) trends frequently put companies in situations where they have to evolve their business models to address customer, competitive, or regulatory requirements. Companies that are resilient and responsive to the change not only survive, but they capitalize on the changes and thrive.

Joanna Walker

“At AstraZeneca, we're accelerating innovation to deliver life changing medicines and personalized experiences, while respecting communication preferences and privacy compliance. We're in the final year of a 3-year transformation to master, track and optimize the use of customer data throughout the organization. We're replacing 67 legacy master data management systems with 3 interlinked regional hubs in Europe, APAC and the US.”

– Joanna Walker, Global MDM Architect, AstraZeneca

Legacy Systems Impede Change

It is critical that your organization, processes, and technology keep pace with the changing business needs, meet changing customer expectations, and adopt new business models. Legacy MDM systems are rigid and inflexible. Every change to data sources, attributes may require redesign of the systems wasting precious time and resources. Simple changes such as adding new attributes to customer profiles may take months.

Are you stuck with disconnected and disjointed customer data from multiple channels, brands and lines of business or slow, constrained and rigid legacy master data management (MDM) systems? 

If so, you’re not equipped to pivot fast. You’re not equipped to shift to digital, meet changing customer needs, or address evolving compliance requirements quickly. 

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What You Need to Succeed

Data leaders are under pressure to design their data strategies to tackle uncertainties and shifts in their business. Responsive data management technology supports such initiatives. Unlike slow, constrained and rigid legacy data platforms, they are agile and scalable to operationalize the responsive data strategy.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 Powers Responsive Data Strategy

Reltio Connected Customer 360 is a cloud-native platform that aggregates, refines, reconciles and relates data from hundreds of sources, while delivering continuously optimized performance. Any changes needed in data models, adding new data sources, adding attributes can be done immediately. Flexible workflows help quickly adapt to changing compliance requirements and elastic infrastructure help you scale up or down as the business demands.

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Miguel Baptista

“Reltio Connected Customer 360 gives us capabilities to fuel the experiences of the future at Hyperion X with the data that matters most to our business. It gives us the business agility, enterprise scale, and the insight-ready data we need for big ideas so we can compete effectively,"

– Miguel Baptista, Chief Data Officer, Hyperion X

How Reltio Helps

  • Address changing customer needs
  • Align your organization
  • Adapt operations 
  • Adopt new regulations
  • Align infrastructure
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A Responsive Data Strategy enables businesses to be resilient and agile because they can use data in new ways to pivot and adapt.