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Reltio Powers Direct-to-Consumer Transformation

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Reimagine Customer Data for Direct-to-Consumer Initiatives

You’ve mastered your ability to sell through your channel partners, but in the experience economy, you have a new challenge on your hands: You have to figure out how to deliver connected and personalized direct-to-consumer (D2C) channel experiences, in real-time. Your digital, marketing, sales, customer experience and data and analytics teams want to be responsive to consumer needs and deliver value quickly, but they are struggling to do so. Why? Because they’re trying to build D2C initiatives based on a foundation of disjointed or disconnected data.

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"Data is an organization’s most valuable asset, but it is frequently underutilized. Any business transformation must be built on a strong data foundation. That starts with accurate, accessible, complete and connected data. With the right data in place, organizations can make business decisions based on insights by applying analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)."

SHREE SESHAN, Director of IT Digital Data Management and Strategy, L'Oréal

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Legacy Systems Impede Your Ability to Establish and Scale D2C Initiatives

To be successful in the experience economy, your D2C initiatives must be powered by connected, insight-ready information. You need the ability to recognize your consumer and deliver responsive, hyper-personalized experiences. This kind of personalization is not easy to do, particularly in real time and at scale. This is especially challenging if you’re stuck relying on disconnected and disjointed data from multiple consumer touch-points and legacy master data management (MDM) systems.

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What You Need to Succeed

Reimagine what’s possible with connected consumer data that enables you to delight your consumer, every time they interact with your business.
To establish effective D2C experiences, you need a trusted, unified view of your consumers. You need to quickly and easily aggregate, refine, reconcile and relate data from hundreds of sources. You need to enrich your profiles by easily onboarding transactions and interactions across channels and systems, and unlock the value of relationships among customers, products, channels and locations.

Reltio Connected Data Platform Powers Winning D2C Initiatives

Reltio Connected Data Platform is a SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture that features graph technology and machine learning. This platform can aggregate, refine, reconcile and relate data from hundreds of sources, while delivering continuously optimized performance. Reimagine your world with speed, business agility and scale. Harness connected consumer data designed for the experience economy, so you can optimize your D2C initiatives and maximize the value of your data science and machine learning initiatives.

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Reltio named a Leader in Forrester Wave™ 2021 for MDM, and is highlighted as "a one-stop-shop for MDM deployment with advanced capabilities."

How Reltio Can Help

  • Deliver hyper-personalized D2C experiences at scale
  • Simplify compliance with privacy laws and consent
  • Boost customer loyalty and revenue growth
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