Reltio for Government


Secure, audit ready, compliant & streamlined


Government leaders find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place while facing ever-intensifying challenges. Increasing amounts of data and outdated information management systems are impeding progress and limiting their ability to move forward.

Reltio enables government organizations to be more productive and to serve the needs of their stakeholders by improving decision making for individual agencies and across their ecosystem. 

Data-driven Government Applications

Whether you are improving Federal healthcare program effectiveness, improving compliance, reducing risk, detecting tax fraud or improving tax collection, or simply addressing the data sprawl, Reltio and our partner NEXT PHASE can help answer the big questions:

  • How to capture, manage and exploit all this new data?

  • How to secure and govern it?

  • How to improve cross-organizational information sharing for broader connected intelligence?

  • How to build trust in the data, through greater understanding of provenance and lineage tied back to validated, trusted sources?

  • What advanced visualization techniques, tools, and formats are available for presenting information to enable quick analysis and to create new insights?

  • How to securely share knowledge and improve visibility for the public into the federal initiatives bringing transformative change across the government ecosystem?

Reltio partners with NEXT PHASE solutions. NEXT PHASE delivers systems development and integration services to the Public and Private sectors with focus on the toughest data and integration challenges across the Federal landscape. Bringing the right relationships to the Big 5 Government Integrators, access to the major GWACs and IDIQs, coupled with certified Reltio experts and a ready team of government IT professionals, NEXT PHASE is ready to bring the power of Reltio to government solutions.