From Courtside to CDO: Inderpal Bhandari's Journey from
NBA Analytics to Global Data Visionary

In this episode of DataDriven, hosts Chris Detzel and Manish Sood chat with Dr. Inderpal Bhandari, Independent Director at Walgreens Boots Alliance and former IBM Global Chief Data Officer, exploring his remarkable career journey from the mid-1990s to the present. They’ll delve into the groundbreaking development of IBM’s Advanced Scout, the first data mining software used by NBA teams, and how this innovation set the stage for modern sports analytics.

The discussion will extend to Dr. Bhandari’s pioneering role in shaping the evolution of the Chief Data Officer role, addressing the many challenges and opportunities this role presents in today’s data-driven world. Expect a deep dive into the strategic importance of data in business decision-making, the transformation of data management practices over the years, and the enduring lessons from Dr. Bhandari’s experiences that continue to influence business intelligence and data strategy today.