October 7-9, 2024
Orlando, FL

Keynote Speaker

Sol Rashidi

Chief Data Officer (CDO) & Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)

Sol Rashidi is an acclaimed figure in artificial intelligence, data, and technology, and her contributions shape the industry’s future. Her pivotal role in launching IBM’s Watson in 2011 marked one of AI’s earliest global applications, setting a precedent for over three dozen large-scale AI projects she would lead. Throughout her illustrious career, Sol has been at the vanguard of creating, conceptualizing, and implementing groundbreaking data and AI solutions.

With eight patents, Sol’s innovative spirit has been recognized and utilized in leadership roles across some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. Her diverse experience includes serving as Chief Analytics Officer at Estée Lauder, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Merck Pharmaceutical, Executive Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Sony Music, Chief Data & AI Officer at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Senior Partner in charge of the Digital & Innovation Practice at Ernst & Young, and Partner at IBM, where she led the Watson Go-To-Market strategy.

Currently, Sol leverages her vast expertise as an advisor, consultant, and fractional Chief Data Officer (CDO) & Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO), guiding companies in enhancing their strategic initiatives. Renowned as a global keynote speaker, she is also authoring a book to demystify AI for non-technical business leaders, further cementing her status as a thought leader and advocate for innovation in the digital age. She demystifies AI and technology while helping leaders realize that not everything needs to be cutting-edge – sometimes, innovation comes from cutting through the noise.


Customer Speakers

Roselin Daniel
SVP Enterprise Technology at Cityblock Health Inc.

Chad Lindsey
Vice President of Enterprise Systems and Data & Analytics, Clario

Ross Schalmo
Chief Data Officer, Eaton

Jad Abou-Maarouf
Chief Data Officer, Fulton Bank

Reltio Customer Fulton Bank

Rufus William
VP Data Strategy & Management, Mastercard

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