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The Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Reltio showed customers achieved a 366% ROI, net benefit value (NPV) of $13M and more over three years.

Use The Forrester Consulting ROI Calculator to see the estimated benefits you could achieve with Reltio’s cloud-native master data management SaaS.

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Calculate your estimated
ROI, NPV and other benefits

“We used to use 90% of our time on operations and 10% on innovation—now we use 20% of our time on operations and 80% on innovation.”

SENIOR TEAM MANAGER, Information Technology

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Key outcomes for a composite
Reltio customer over three years


IT operational
cost savings


cost savings over
legacy MDM


net present



Estimate your benefits
with Reltio

Apply the same TEI model Forrester Consulting used to your unique environment to estimate your ROI, NPV, and other benefits.

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