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The Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Reltio showed customers achieved a 366% ROI, net benefit value (NPV) of $13M and more over three years.

Use The Forrester Consulting ROI Calculator to see the estimated benefits you could achieve with Reltio’s cloud-native master data management SaaS.

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Calculate your estimated
ROI, NPV and other benefits

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Key outcomes for a composite
Reltio customer over three years


IT operational
cost savings


cost savings over
legacy MDM


net present



“We used to use 90% of our time on operations and 10% on innovation—now we use 20% of our time on operations and 80% on innovation.”

SENIOR TEAM MANAGER, Information Technology

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Estimate your benefits
with Reltio

Apply the same TEI model Forrester Consulting used to your unique environment to estimate your ROI, NPV, and other benefits.

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