Building the Foundations for Modern BI and AI

As the field of analytics continues to advance at a breakneck pace, it is increasingly important for organizations to upgrade their data infrastructures to adapt to new and varied data types. This modernization is crucial for supporting contemporary analytical approaches, including self-service analytics and AI methodologies. This transformation often involves transitioning to cloud-based platforms and adopting innovative methods to integrate and unify data through logical frameworks. Additionally, this shift may require new organizational structures and data paradigms to adequately back a modern data foundation.

Join this TDWI expert panel to gain insights into the essential aspects of data infrastructure needed to meet the ever-evolving demands of analytics. The discussions will focus on several pivotal areas:

  • Adapting to the Changing Data Landscape for BI and AI: Understanding how the data environment is evolving to support advanced analytics and AI
  • Key Elements of a Modern Data Foundation: Exploring the critical components necessary for a modern data foundation, including platforms, integration capabilities, and effective governance
  • Strategies for Unifying Modern Data Environments: Examining approaches for integrating diverse data sources and systems in a cohesive manner
  • Best Practices and Pitfalls: Sharing expert tips and common errors to avoid while developing a robust, modern data foundation for BI and AI applications
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