Expert Panel: Changing Practice of MDM
in a Multicloud World

Master data management (MDM) is an essential element of any enterprise’s attempt to maintain an authoritative system of records for decision support, data quality management, regulatory compliance, and other purposes. It relies on pipeline processes that validate, combine, match, merge, and enrich similar entities from multiple sources to provide a single authoritative record of each unique entity.

Traditionally, MDM has been managed in data warehouses and other consolidated repositories of structured, transactional data. However, as organizations increasingly distribute their data across multicloud infrastructures, they’re evolving their MDM practices to address this new reality. They’re also migrating their MDM platforms to address new unstructured and semistructured data sources. In addition, they’re aligning their MDM practices to make full use of the data governance they’ve implemented on their data lakehouses.

Key topics include:

  • What are the principal use cases of MDM?
  • What business and technical trends are compelling enterprises to evolve their MDM practices toward multicloud and other distributed architectures?
  • What challenges do multicloud enterprise data deployments present for enterprise MDM and how should practitioners address them?
  • What is the first step that enterprises should take when migrating their MDM practices to run in multicloud environments?