Trusted, interoperable data. Fast.

Need modern data unification or MDM? We were born in the cloud. Want your data delivered in real-time? We’ll have it there in milliseconds. And you go live fast—in 90 days.

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Pioneering with genAI-driven innovation.

Ground-breaking gen AI and LLMs for data stewards.

Rule-free entity resolution.

LLM-driven, pretrained, and ML models for automatic, industry-specific matching and merging. Powered by patent-pending Flexible Entity Resolution Networks that incorporate zero-shot learning.

Enhanced productivity with Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA).

Chat-based, documentation search for quick, accurate technical answers. Powered by generative AI.

Improved data quality.

ML-powered anomaly detection for precise identification of outliers and unusual patterns.

Unprecedented speed. Unlimited potential.

Unified data using the newest artificial intelligence tech—generative AI, LLMs, and more.

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Reltio Connected Data Platform at a glance.

Gain a 360 view of entities with interactions and relationships. Our scalable, multidomain MDM plugs into any data source and accelerates time to value with prebuilt connectors and no-code integration.


Trusted data at the speed of business.

Fast time
to value.
cost savings.
Easy to

Access clean, trusted data in 90 days or less.

Our cloud-native, multitenant SaaS is ready to use on day 1—no hardware or software install required. We offer prebuilt components tailored to specific industries. And our prescriptive implementation methodology helps you hit clear milestones, adding value every step of the way.


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Stay ahead of the curve with our industry-leading MDM innovation.

Streamline match-and-merge processes and boost data steward productivity with pretrained industry- and domain-specific ML models. Easily train customized ML models for matching with active learning. Dynamically build and view entity graphs across an infinite number of people, organizations, products, and places.


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Tap into cloud economics. Save on infrastructure and management costs.

Cut the costs of hosting and managing MDM infrastructure yourself with our fully managed and hosted SaaS. And our Reltio platform is multitenant, so you get zero-downtime, zero-cost upgrades. Not to mention all the benefits of the underlying cloud foundation including built-in HA/DR, scalability, ongoing innovations, and more.


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Industry leader in real-time MDM use cases for over a decade.

Unlike providers new to the cloud, we have delivered our cloud-native MDM platform since 2011 to global companies with real-time, operational use cases. We support every major cloud provider and tap into their latest innovations to deliver a secure, reliable, and highly available MDM platform at scale—without extra investment or effort.


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Make MDM simpler. Even for complex use cases.

Our intuitive UI reduces the need for specialized MDM skills and makes data stewardship a snap. Easily create and extend data models using an abstraction layer above the data models in your source systems. And build integrations in just days with our low-code/no-code dev environment and 1,000+ prebuilt connectors.


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Recognized as Leader -
Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q2 2023.

Reltio is recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave Master Data Management Q2 2023 report, which states, “Reltio’s real-time AI-driven MDM delivers exceptional data quality and customer 360.”


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Compare MDM Capabilities

Break free from the
costs and constraints of a
legacy MDM.

With the Reltio Connected Data Platform you can save time and costs in upgrades while responding faster to changing business needs. Make modifying your solution in days the norm—not the exception.

Watch our demo video series to see our platform in action.

Get a feel for our product and how you can use it. Choose from a variety of short demos, each highlighting a key aspect of our product. And watch at your own pace.


Data unification and MDM. Simplified.

Unify, cleanse, and enrich your core data across multiple domains
with a rich set of built-in, easy-to-use capabilities.

Entity resolution.

Tap into the power of gen AI to boost data steward productivity our LLM-driven, zero-shot ML matching to provide high-quality data for your business. Create a single source of truth with flexible, precise matching methods and dynamic survivorship to create context-specific views.

Watch the video Entity resolution.

Data quality and governance.

Cleanse and standardize data during ingestion. Our ML-powered anomaly detection and easy-to-use, interactive dashboards give you real-time visibility and insights—and help you fix quality issues fast.

Watch the video Data quality and governance.

Data integration.

Don’t let data integration be the bottleneck. Our API-first architecture and prebuilt connectors to 1,000+ popular systems and no-code development environment can save your organization months of time and thousands of dollars in development costs.

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Industry-specific, prebuilt components.

What if you could be using accurate, trusted data in under 90 days? Our industry-tailored velocity packs speed up your time to value and lower TCO. Prebuilt components include data models, match rules, prebuilt connectors, configurations, and more.

Watch the video Industry-specific, prebuilt components.


We take security seriously. Our platform is enterprise-ready and SOC 1, SOC 2, and HITRUST certified so you know your data is protected. We support compliance with data privacy and security regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, MLPS 2.0, and more.

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Multicloud solution to support your investment.

We make multicloud simple and flexible—supporting AWS, GCP, and Azure—so you can tap into the latest innovations. Choose your cloud platform, integrate quickly, and get started with built-in security and zero-disruption, zero-effort upgrades.

Explore our partners Multicloud solution to support your investment.
Entity resolution.
Data quality and governance.
Data integration.
Industry-specific, prebuilt components.
Multicloud solution to support your investment.

What our customers have achieved.

96 days

to go live with 6 source systems and 4 consuming systems


annual MDM cost savings by consolidating 66 systems


data steward productivity boost for data loading & enrichment

9 mo.

time saved to add data source by using prebuilt connectors

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