Reltio Connected Data Platform on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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I am pleased to share that Reltio expands its partnerships with key cloud providers as the Connected Data Platform is now offered on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Our platform is the only cloud-native, SaaS MDM solution that runs on all three major cloud platforms, including AWS and Google Cloud, in addition to Azure.

Companies seeking to transition from legacy MDM infrastructure to cloud-based data management will benefit from our collaboration with Microsoft Azure. Moving to cloud-based data management can help accelerate data value for any business. Customers can automate at scale throughout every aspect of the application lifecycle.

The collaboration between Reltio and Microsoft enables companies to manage the core data that matters most to their businesses, like their customer data. The Reltio platform creates holistic, up-to-date, and actionable customer profiles to make it easier to drive hyper-personalization, accelerate real-time operations, and simplify compliance and consent management at scale.

Data as a strategic asset
High-quality data is essential in driving decisions and value for businesses. Data can accelerate an organization’s end-to-end data value lifecycle, ultimately driving growth, increasing efficiency, and minimizing risk. We continue to see companies accelerate digital transformation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that this will continue to accelerate even after the pandemic fades from view. Customers, vendors, employees, and suppliers are moving to a “digital-first” world and expect a seamless, on-demand experience no matter where they are. By breaking down data silos, adopting digital engagement models that work, and moving more of their applications to the cloud, data can fuel companies’ success and not hold them back. Companies that don’t adopt the best-in-class engagement models will struggle to compete.

Integrating Reltio on Azure
Customers leveraging Reltio on the Microsoft Azure platform can easily integrate with their Azure-based services and systems and conform to their corporate IT strategy and cloud provider preferences. This optimizes their cloud provider spend by leveraging more services on a single cloud provider platform.

Unified Data through our Connected Data Platform
The Reltio Connected Data Platform aggregates data from internal, third-party, public and social media sources, creating a single source of trusted data. Users can establish a unified, accurate view of their customers, products, places, and activities and the interrelationships between these entities. This helps to break down the information silos that have grown exponentially in recent years. One of the significant challenges of digital transformation has been the rapid growth of enterprise applications – and the challenge will only continue to grow. Companies with anywhere from 300-500 applications can struggle to create unified, easy-to-use, and access high-quality data in real-time.

We help our customers integrate all downstream operational and analytical systems so that they can gain real-time access to this optimized data. Companies using it can leverage accurate, consistent, and comprehensive information to deliver enhanced customer experiences and real-time operations.

Reltio uniquely brings the power of Big Data, Machine Learning, and Connected Graph technology to unlock the value of relationships among customers, products, organizations, locations, and other related information. We’re pleased to expand our offering via Microsoft Azure and enhance our customers’ experience through this partnership.

For more information on the Reltio Connected Data Platform on Microsoft Azure please visit www.reltio.com/azure. Interested companies can sign up for early availability in Q2 of 2022.

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