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Reltio Integration for Salesforce

Join @Chris Detzel and @Michael Pearlman, Solutions Consultant for another Community webinar on the topic of Reltio Connected Customer Data for Salesforce: An Overview

Michael will give an overview of the Reltio Salesforce Connector. Reltio’s Salesforce Connector delivers your connected customer 360 data residing in the Reltio platform seamlessly into your Salesforce applications such as Sales and Service Cloud.

The managed package enables customers to provide powerful search before create experiences for Salesforce users while also bi-directionally synchronizing data between Reltio and Salesforce in real time. By enabling these use cases, customers can enhance the experience and the effectiveness of their field teams by delivering trusted, complete data to the Salesforce applications.

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Michael Pearlman

Michael Pearlman
Solutions Consultant, Reltio