Leadership Insights:
Modern Data Management - Digital CXO

Manish Sood, Reltio CEO, and Founder, sat down with Techstrong.ai for its AI Leadership Insights video podcast to discuss Reltio’s AI strategy, how AI rapidly disrupts markets, and how leaders adapt business strategies. Here are some of the key takeaways from the episode:

  • A cloud-based data unification platform such as Reltio helps enterprises unify customer, product, and supplier data across systems to get more value from their data.
  • For businesses like retail, understanding customer data across touchpoints is key to providing a seamless omnichannel experience. Unified data on core entities like customers, products, and suppliers is essential.
  • AI can help businesses innovate faster to deliver customer value and simplify the customer experience through conversational interfaces. Reltio uses AI to build product capabilities and improve customer experience.
  • Real-time data access is critical now for tailoring experiences and powering decisions vs. relying on batch reports. This requires investment in unifying and curating trusted data.
  • With data sprawl across many systems, businesses should embrace this complexity and focus on unifying data into a single trusted view to drive better decisions and outcomes.
  • The critical takeaway is to leverage data complexity by unifying core data as a strategic asset instead of shying away from it. This unified, trusted data can drive growth, efficiency, and risk management.