Aligning IT and Business - Connected Customers. Responsive Data

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As the market conditions evolve, Global 2000 companies need to pivot quickly to respond to changing business needs. They not only need to be close to their customers to serve and retain them but also require a data foundation that supports strategies such as the shift-to-digital, quickly.

Building a unified data pipe that provides consistent customer information to all business groups, channels, as well as to AI/ML, and BI professionals is critical to delivering that connected customer experience.

Innovators at Global 2000 companies are using a responsive approach to data management to pivot faster to the changing needs of their business and keep connected with their customers in this contact-less economy. Join this session to learn how to address needs for today, and be ready for the next growth phase. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how the right data strategy helps: 


  • IT and data professional quickly deliver to business data needs
  • Design responsive data management that adapts to business needs
  • Create a unified data pipe to empower your employees with trusted and connected data for real-time engagement and business decision-making