Single Source of Truth for your Connected Customer 360

To orchestrate a memorable, rewarding customer journey, you need consistent customer information delivered by a master data management single source of truth. Customer data must also be comprehensive and available in real-time  across all touchpoints.

Reltio Connected Customer 360, provides a holistic, real-time and actionable understanding of B2B and B2C customers. It builds a single source of truth for customer data by aggregating all structured and unstructured data including interactions and transactions from all sources across the organization. It further enriches the profiles by uncovering relationships among people, products, organizations, and places. With this unified customer information, you can deliver hyper-personalized engagement across all omnichannel touchpoints.

Single Source of Customer Data Across Multiple Touchpoints
Siloed customer data across the organization can be a significant hurdle in delivering connected experiences across the customer journey. Customer data exists in multiple systems and applications, across touchpoints (in-store, online, social media, and phone), geographies, and product lines. Duplicates and discrepancies are unavoidable when these data sources are not connected and they feed different information to point of engagement, resulting in disconnected and poor experiences. Reltio powers all the touchpoints across the customer journey with holistic and consistent data.

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Cloud-native Master Data Management For All Data,
From All Sources, At Big Data Scale

Step 1
  • Comprehensive Connected Customer Profile
    With Reltio Connected Customer 360, you can cleanse, match, merge and unmerge your customer data. Create a single source of truth or customer view (SVOC) by blending and relating trusted data from a range of internal, external, and third-party sources, references, transactions, interactions and social channels.
  • Connected Graph Technology to Discover Relationships
    Store, index, and connect an infinite number of attributes and relationships from structured or unstructured data sources to create a holistic customer profile. In addition, the connected graph technology uncovers many-to-many relationships among B2C and B2B customers, between customers and employees (eg. store associates, brokers, agents, reps, CSMs, etc), products and locations
  • Built on Modern Architecture to Support Real-Time Scale
    The need for data has grown exponentially and businesses need secure access to more than the limited number of attributes that are considered “customer master data.” It’s not enough to just have access to a customer’s first name, last name, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. You need access to big data interactions and transactional data to deepen customer understanding. It is also critical to manage the data at scale in real-time, with thousands of attributes from hundreds of sources.
  • Machine Learning-based Matching for Data Accuracy
    Machine learning has become critical for businesses to improve data accuracy. Reltio platform combines rule-based and machine learning-based matching. The machine learning-based external match feature allows you to identify, verify, and accept high-quality matches. Models can be trained and leveraged on any tenant to progressively improve match models throughout the implementation cycle.
  • Confidence Indicators for Data Quality
    Reltio Connected Customer 360 continuously calculates the data quality of all profiles and scores them for users as actionable metrics. This provides a consistent way to quantify data quality to build a trusted data foundation for business analytics.
  • History & Lineage for Data Audit
    Compare and view historical data and the changes with attribute-level granularity. View and control historical customer data changes across systems and ensure data quality and integrity with ease.
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“Reltio renews the MDM category with modern architecture and advanced features."

"Reltio provides one of the most versatile MDM products on the market and one of the few ready to evolve into MDM's third generation.”

– Forrester Wave: Master Data Management Q1 2019

Consistent and Connected Data

  •  Deliver relevant and hyper-personalized customer experience across customer journey
  • Boost agility by adapting to changing customer data sources and attributes, without any tedious customizations or downtime
  • Empower business and data users with consistent information for actionable insights
  • Scale to support real-time operations for thousands of users and billions of searches per day
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Reltio Connected Customer 360
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“Reltio is the only cloud-native MDM solution that qualified for this Magic Quadrant. Consistent with this, 100% of reference customers reported cloud deployment. As a cloud-only MDM solution, we anticipate Reltio to maintain this lead for several years yet.”

– Gartner MQ for Master Data Management, 2018