Unlocking the Value of Relationships in the Experience Economy

In the experience economy, it’s vital to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints. However, to meet this mandate, you have to have all your customer data points connected. While your organization may have collected a lot of customer data, managing this information in disparate systems or in a data lake is not enough. To realize the potential of customer data, you also need to understand relationships between customers, products, organizations, and locations.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 features Connected Graph™, a hybrid, columnar and graph data store that’s architected for the agile, modern enterprise. This data store enables you to manage a virtually infinite number of attributes and relationships, so you can connect people, organizations, products and places.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 can handle the most complex, multi-domain master data management (MDM) challenges. With its multi-model data storage architecture, the platform efficiently and scalably combines data generated through transactions and social interactions, as well as machine-generated data. The platform maintains ongoing insights from new relationships and is not constrained by instances.

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Reltio uses machine learning, knowledge graph, graph database, auto-optimization of storage, and embedded analytics to provide one of the most versatile MDM products on the market and one of the few ready to evolve into MDM’s third generation.”

– Forrester Wave:  Master Data Management, Q1 2019

Responsive Hierarchy Management - In context, change as needed

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  • No Schema Restrictions
    Break free from the challenges of modeling relational data and defining foreign keys and complex relationships. Connected Graph completely changes the paradigm by enabling you to combine data, without having to first design an application and data model.
  • All Data. All Types. Big Data Scale
    Connected Graph captures captures and automatically models a variety of structured and unstructured master, reference, transaction and activity data, without any volume restrictions.
  • Fast Access
    Connected Graph continuously indexes all attributes for lightning-fast searches, and retains all historical data changes for compliance.

Connect people, organizations, products and locations

  • Connect multi-domain entities and seamlessly pivot from customer profile to product profile to supplier profile
  • Understand households and find influencers.
  • Increase revenue through better sales alignment and product penetration information in B2B customer hierarchies.
  • Understand product preferences, store locations, channel choices for B2C customers
  • Streamline compliance and reduce enterprise risk by establishing differentiated consent management.
  • Augment your fraud detection capabilities and stop revenue leakage.
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