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Watch the brief video below to understand how Carol in Compliance and Clark the Data Steward can work together to solve GDPR challenges

Enforceable on May 25, 2018, primary objectives of the GDPR are to give control back to their EU citizens and residents over their personal data, to simplify the regulatory environment for international business, and to unify regulations within the European Union.

GDPR is relevant for any organization doing business with EU citizens, regardless of where the company is based. Personal data includes a wide range of personal identifiers, from addresses and public information, to social profiles, images, IP information, device IDs and medical and financial details.

Modern data management for Transaction and Interaction Information

Consumer personal data collected within your enterprise is often distributed to multiple systems and organizations, resulting in duplication. Your organization may be considering master data management (MDM) solutions to address various data management needs including compliance challenges. Legacy MDM systems may comply with a small part of the regulation by managing profile data, but they also leave it to you to figure out how to manage the transaction and interaction information distributed across systems and channels.

Complying with GDPR should be part of your day-to-day operations. Reltio’s philosophy is that your Modern Data Management platform should organically support the key elements of GDPR by managing your consumer’s profile information, lineage and succession through your day-to-day data management activities.

Watch the 3 minute video below for an overview and demo illustrating the different ways Reltio enables GDPR across an enterprise.




GDPR guidelines require your organization to support your consumers’ “Right to be forgotten” and purge their records upon request. 

Your business will also need to support your consumer’s request for a copy of their information in a portable format. 

Reltio Cloud guarantees purging of all traces by customer entity type in support of Data erasure, including the removal of any attribute, historical activities made by individuals captured as part of their digital activities and activity logs on the Reltio Platform.


The new legal framework requires your organization to support the ability to demonstrate the deletion of your consumer’s private information.

Reltio Cloud offers built-in audit and data lineage to support Accountability for your business to demonstrate compliance.

Attributes are also traced back to the internal and external data providers they came from. In the case of a change request, the request can be routed back to its original source.


Your organization must support a provision to produce the consent on request, and a way for consumers to withdraw the consent. 

Explicit consent is required before information is collected, and adult consent is mandatory when the collection of data involves children below the age of 16 years. 

Reltio Cloud enables the management and maintenance of rights and consents with the ability to capture and store consent types using graph technology to easily find out whether an adult provided consent regarding the collection of information for a minor.


With GDPR, consumers get new rights about how their data should be managed by you. So your business needs a mechanism to support that right. 

The Reltio Cloud platform has integrated workflows, like data change requests, deletion requests and review requests.