Who uses master data?

All the members of all the teams in an organization use master data for their tasks.

Defining master data is the first step to following any master data management best practices, says Gartner. “It is the responsibility of CIOs or CDOs to clearly define what master data is and which parts of it will be most impactful to the business,” says Mr. Moran, the research director at Gartner.

IT and data stewards manage master data and configure the MDM system according to master data management trends. Meanwhile, business users or managers use master data for reporting and driving decisions. On the other hand, business analysts and data scientists use master data in analytics to deliver recommendations,  forecasts, and assist in creating a master data management strategy.

Role Activity
Chief Information Officer or Chief Data Officer Define master data.
Data Steward Discover, clean, maintain, and manage master data for day-to-day use.
Data Governor Define, implement, and manage policies for master data management and master data governance.
IT / Technical Team member Configure, administer, and customize master data management system.
Compliance Manager Use master data to drive regulatory compliance activities.
Data Quality officer Use master data to drive enterprise data quality, and discover opportunism to improve master data quality.
Business Users from Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and other teams Use master data in operations and transactions to drive business objectives. Review master data to find opportunities to improve data quality.
Data Analyst / Business Analyst Use master data with historical, reporting data, and any other critical data to understand the business needs and discover improvement opportunities.
Data Scientist Use master data to deliver recommendations for optimized business decisions.