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Personalization Meets Innovation with Video Marketing Awards Recognition

The Reltio marketing team was honored at Viewtopia’s annual Video Marketing Awards (VMA) in the category of Best Personalized Video Campaign.

We are always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to build awareness and drive interest in Reltio. As part of our outbound efforts, we developed via a top-of-funnel awareness campaign using personalized video technology from Vidyard. 

One critical element was the reliable data that needed to be 100% accurate for the personalization to work. Getting the data wrong could have the opposite effect and impact on the personalized videos we intended to send out. 

Of course we “drank our own champagne” and used our very own Reltio Cloud Modern Data Management PaaS, to ensure that the data was reliable.

The results we achieved were amazing, and the recognition at the VMAs were absolutely the icing on the cake.

Best Personalized Video Campaign
Winner: Reltio
Finalists: Veracode, Influitive

Reltio wanted a new way to build awareness and drive interest it its flagship product with a top-of-funnel awareness campaign. The company launched a personalized video campaign targeting 10,000 leads to build awareness and identify their most engaged prospects.

Results: Nearly 30% of all individuals who opened the email clicked through to watch the video. That marked a 10X increase in click-through rates compared to their average marketing campaign. Reltio is now launching a second personalized video campaign as part of its account-based marketing effort.