Reltio Reference Data Management: Trusted Source of Reference Data for Efficient Business Operations


Mona Rakibe, Director of Platform Product Management, Reltio, talks about Reltio Reference Data Management. Throughout this video, Mona discusses:

  • What is Reference Data Management (RDM)

  • How is RDM different to Master Data Management (MDM)

  • Why RDM is crticial for efficient business operations

  • How RDM is built-into a Modern Data Management PaaS

Through Modern Data Management, your strategy now becomes to bring this reliable, contextual and relevant data to your customer. Reference data plays very important role, because now you’re bringing in your structured and unstructured data together. And if you really have to marry your structured, unstructured data and content together, categorization, grouping and classification of this data becomes a very critical thing. So to bridge this gap and create value, Reference Data Management plays a very important role in your overall Modern Data Management strategy.