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Reltio Listed in the Top 30 Best Workplaces in Technology by Fortune

See http://fortune.com/2017/01/17/best-workplaces-tech/ for the full article.

The tech industry has long been famed for its luxe work environments—free lunches, ping pong tables, green juice on tap—but there’s a lot more than perks that goes into creating a workplace employees love. To bring you this list, Fortune partner Great Place to Work to surveyed more than 42,000 employees of U.S. technology companies. The two resulting rankings are grouped by company size, one for large tech companies and one for small and medium-sized ones.


1. Edmunds.com
2. GoFundMe
3. TCG
4. Yext
5. Fast Enterprises
6. Reltio  
7. Atlassian
8. CrowdStrike
9. Health Catalyst
10. Zendesk
11. Xactly
12. Justworks
13. ZestFinance
14. Cirrus Logic
15. BlackLine


1. Ultimate Software
2. Intuit
3. Salesforce
4. Zillow Group
5. Workday
6. SAP America
7. Worldwide Technology
8. SAS Institute
9. Adobe Systems
10. Hyland
11. VMware
12. Cisco
13. Expedia
14. Dropbox
15. Rackspace

*Photo of some of the Reltio Team volunteering at a Food Bank

People in the tech world don’t just want to make something of their careers. They want to make something new. That’s why an innovative culture remains essential for attracting employees with the skills that bring new technologies to life. At the same time, the most respected employers in this sector know their growth depends on the development of all team members to their fullest creative potential.

In 2017, that takes more than a break-room kegerator or an office dodgeball league. Many job candidates have long grown accustomed to the lavish perks that once turned heads at large tech headquarters. At the Best Workplaces in Technology—recently announced by consulting firm Great Place to Work and Fortune—robust benefits complement deeper organizational values that prioritize employee support and development. People working for the winning businesses, for example, were more likely than those at peer companies to say they’re offered training and other opportunities to enrich their careers. They were also more likely to say they feel good about the ways their organizations contribute to the community.

“Technology professionals look for employers that create value and do good things in the world beyond their doors,” said Kim Peters, executive vice president at Great Place to Work. “Team members at the Best Workplaces can count on their leaders to recognize individual contributions toward shared goals and values. For example, 90% of employees at the Best Workplaces, on average, agree their managers show appreciation for good work and extra effort.”