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Strategies for Moving from Application to Enterprise Customer Master Data Management

This webinar covers:

  • How MDM is established with TCO

  • The MDM Maturity Model (single application MDM is low)

  • Elements in MDM necessary for takeoff:

    • A data quality program (prove data quality according to beloved peers)

    • DaaS SLAs – how do they work with the hub?

    • Operational integration (including data lake) AND value-added customer analytical elements (perhaps gleaned from transactional data)

  • Syndicated data take-on

  • Graph capabilities

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Building a Holistic Data Management Strategy for Life Sciences

Learn how Reltio and IQVIA come together to help large pharma, mid-sized, and pre-commercial biotech companies obtain a robust view of their customers. See how multi-domain modern Master Data Management (MDM) is being used to uncover affiliations and relationships for complete customer understanding, as well as to receive relevant insights and recommended actions for better sales effectiveness, customer experiences, and compliance.

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Reltio Announces Support for Salesforce Customer 360 and the Open Data Initiative

Data management provider Reltio today announced support for Salesforce Customer 360 as well as Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP’s Open Data Initiative. Reltio aims to enhance both by continuously unifying and organizing data while making it universally accessible.

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Want To Provide A Better Website Experience? Fix These 11 Overlooked Pain Points

"Finding the relevant information is the common pain point in an end-user’s online experience. This results from poor data about user behavior and preferences. Organizations must bring together all user data to create a foundation of reliable information, then use advanced analytics and machine learning to provide the personalized, context-based information the user is looking for." - Manish Sood,

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Reltio Announces Support for Salesforce Customer 360 and the Adobe, Microsoft, SAP Open Data Initiative

Reltio, a leading provider of Modern Master Data Management and Customer 360 solutions, today announced support for both Salesforce Customer 360 and the Open Data Initiative by Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP. The Open Data Initiative creates a single data model for consumer data that is portable between platforms. Salesforce’s Customer 360 helps companies identify their customers and their past interactions across a business’ Salesforce Clouds.

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Can Disney's Streaming Service Compete With Netflix? Eleven Tech Pros Weigh In

"To compete with Netflix, Disney must become a data-driven enterprise that provides highly personalized content and intelligent recommendations. Disney must use data about its customers, products and channels to offer relevant content and make recommendations based on viewer preferences and behaviors. This will ensure superior customer experience, quicker adoption and reduced churn." - Manish Sood,

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Reltio Reference Data Management: Trusted Source of Reference Data for Efficient Business Operations

Mona Rakibe, Director of Platform Product Management, describes how Reltio brings together reliable, contextual and relevant reference data as part of your overall Modern Data Management strategy.

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Deloitte: Unlocking Business Value through Digital Transformation

We sat down with John Ferraioli, Managing Director at Deloitte, to go over how accurate and timely data is a key enabler of digital transformation and how it helps improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and generate higher revenue. 

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