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5 Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Dominate 2018

By Thor Olavsrud

Please visit https://www.cio.com/article/3250839/artificial-intelligence/5-artificial-intelligence-trends-that-will-dominate-2018.html for the complete article.

AI reality will lag the hype once again

“There have been repeated predictions for several years that tout potential breakthroughs in the use of AI and machine learning, but the reality is that most enterprises have yet to see quantifiable benefits from their investments in these areas. The hype to date has been overblown, and most enterprises are reluctant to get started due to a combination of skepticism, lack of expertise, and most important of all, a lack of confidence in the reliability of their data sets,” says Chen, “In fact, while the headlines will be mostly about AI, most enterprises will need to first focus on IA (information augmentation): getting their data organized in a manner that ensures it can be reconciled, refined, and related, to uncover relevant insights that support efficient business execution across all departments, while addressing the burden of regulatory compliance.” – Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer at Reltio, Inc.