Reltio Named in Top 3 for DBTA Reader's Choice Best Cloud, Best Analytics, Best Data Governance

Reltio products among the top 3 finalists in 3 major categories in the 2017 DBTA Readers Choice awards. 

#1 Reltio Cloud PaaS was in the top 3 Best Cloud Solutions voted on by readers.  

Other finalists: Amazon Web Services (Winner), and Microsoft Azure

#2 Reltio IQ (Insights) was voted top 3 Best Analytics solution. 

Other finalists: Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Data Mining (Winner), & Teradata Warehouse Miner


#3 Reltio Cloud's Workflow and Collaboration capabilities was in the top 3 Best Data Governance solutions 

Other finalists: BackOffice Associates Data Stewardship Platform (Winner) & IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Management