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Shutterstock’s first CIO to build software-defined data center

By Clint Boulton CIO Aug 21, 2016

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To align IT with business growth, David Giambruno, CIO at Shutterstock, is formulating plans for a software-defined data center (SDDC) that supports the company's shift toward a service-oriented architecture (SOA), which will replace application silos that have accumulated since the company’s inception in 2003. To achieve this goal, Giambruno plans to build a hybrid cloud in which programmers can develop software without worrying about constantly negotiating with IT to rack and stack servers and other computing gear.

“Speed in our world right now is one of our competitive advantages,” Giambruno says. “The faster I take the infrastructure out of the way for our development and product teams, the faster we get product out,” Giambruno says.



Even as he builds a bridge to Shutterstock’s new infrastructure, Giambruno is gauging the state of the company’s operations, information security and product management. He says he wants to bridge the gaps between what employees are saying and what the data actually shows. He says that if he can turn company data into information that people can use, the company can continue to grow. To improve data quality, Giambruno has implemented Reltio for SaaS master data management and SnapLogic, the SaaS data integration tool.