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Reltio Powers Data-driven Applications on a Modern Platform as a Service

Respected analyst firm Constellation Research’s founder, chairman and Principal Analyst Ray Wang and VP and Principal Analyst, and former columnist for InformationWeek, Doug Henschen collaborated on a comprehensive objective profile of Reltio.

Privately-held Reltio, a Silicon Valley-based firm, offers Reltio Cloud, a Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables horizontal and industry specific, data-driven applications. The platform also enables partners and end-user organizations to rapidly create their own data-driven apps. Data-driven apps help organizations take data, deliver relevant information, identify insights, reveal patterns and drive decisions across the enterprise.

This approach addresses gaps in a hodgepodge of solutions that often include master data management, business intelligence and analytics, transactional business applications, and Big Data infrastructure and tools.

Data-driven applications represent a category of apps that ingest all types of content to form data, converts data to information, refines information to derive actionable insights, and orchestrates insights to democratize decisions

Data-driven applications support a wide array of Constellation business research themes, including Data-to-Decisions, Digital Marketing Transformation and Technology Optimization and Innovation.

Reltio uses machine learning to improve both data management and data-driven apps. In master data management, for example, Reltio applies machine learning to develop more accurate data profiles and attributes. The Reltio Cloud captures transactions as well as master data and machine learning is used in data-driven apps to tie results back to relevant insights and recommended actions. This is in line with Constellation Research’s view of the evolution to cognitive systems

Constellation expects Reltio to increase not only the number of application and service partners, but also the number of Tier 1 global IT services firms. Reltio is strong in healthcare, and customers and prospects can expect partnerships to expand in industries such as media and entertainment, retail, high tech and public sector. Building intellectual property (IP) on top of the Reltio platform presents the greatest opportunities for partners to build solutions revenue.

— Constellation Research Analysis

Reltio is an early entrant in the new hybrid space of applications and platforms built for a digital business architecture. Competitors including Informatica, IBM, Oracle, and SAP offer cloud platforms and myriad data-management components, but Reltio is unique in blending master data management and machine learning capabilities into a PaaS that is purpose built for data-driven apps and services.

— Constellation Research Analysis