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PharmaVOICE: Reltio Among Most Innovative Companies Disrupting Healthcare

PharmaVoice magazine today featured Reltio as one of the most innovative companies disrupting and changing the healthcare landscape. Reltio is in a select list that includes Google and GE Healthcare.

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Reltio’s moniker “be right faster” drives everything the company does. As a startup and rapidly growing company, management is prepared to make decisions quickly with reliable data.

Manish Sood, CEO and founder, is responsible for the overall direction and management of Reltio, and the co-author of the patent that revolutionized master data management (MDM) through a global business identifier. He founded the company upon the belief that organizations need reliable, relevant access to information at their fingertips. Mr. Sood and his leadership team are inspired by the desire to disrupt the multi-billion software market through the use of big data technologies, master data management discipline, and cloud computing. Additionally, they believed that there was a gap in what IT delivered and what business needs. IT spends money on data management and business is frustrated with IT’s time to value, purchases ad-hoc business intelligence products.

Reltio helps companies turn their data into information and knowledge assets in the most efficient way, shattering the traditional notion that IT must combine multiple technologies to manage different types of data, and that business users must purchase stand-alone tools to do their own analysis.

Consumer-driven applications such as Facebook and LinkedIn are setting expectations that technology should be easy to use and information should be at a person’s fingertips. Managers at Reltio have put that same ease of use and insight in the form of data-driven applications for sales, marketing, and compliance teams so they can better predict, collaborate, and respond to opportunities in real time.

Consumer-driven applications such as Facebook and LinkedIn are setting the expectations for technology to be easy to use and information should be at a person’s fingertips.

Among the company’s cutting-edge technologies is the Reltio Cloud, which the company reports is the only platform to deliver enterprise data-driven applications with reliable master data, relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions. Reltio Cloud is a modern data management platform that is a fully contained master data management offering that has been proven to be 10 times more cost-effective and five times faster to deploy than legacy MDM offerings. This is a disruption to the $1 billion plus MDM software market.

Reltio manages all data types including multi-domain master data, transaction and interaction data, third party, public and social data. By combining operational and analytical silos, teams can continuously collaborate to improve the reliability of information, receive recommendations relevant to their goals, and take immediate action, all within the same application.

The cloud has leveled the playing field, giving both large and small companies the ability to manipulate data at scale.


Reltio believes the days of separate MDM systems feeding disparate analytical reporting tools for discovery, and operational applications for data capture are numbered. Today reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions can be combined into one single application, in the cloud, to deliver both analytical intelligence and operational execution. These enterprise data-driven applications are being touted as the future of software, and a part of a consumerization of IT trend that is helping sales, marketing, product brand, and compliance teams be more productive and successful every day.