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A Top 10 Global Pharma

A leading pharmaceutical company that has developed and brought to the market numerous new active substances, had their product data scattered across more than 20 systems. As a result they couldn’t harmonize their product hierarchies and categories across different lines of business and global regions. They needed a central place to manage and disseminate their product data across the enterprise.

Reltio Cloud was used to deploy a Life Sciences Product 360 solution to group product data by active ingredients, therapeutic class, and package-levels. In addition, it allowed them to do sales roll-ups and market basket analysis globally. With Reltio’s agile data model and speed to value, they could consolidate product data from 20+ systems in less than 16 weeks. They can now make use of graph technology to uncover relationships between drugs and payer plans, and even do contract analytics for managed market.

Take this short quiz on IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) and download the white paper “Getting IDMP Ready via Modern Product Data Management”