How Modern Data Platforms Power Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

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The majority of brands – 82 percent according to one study – realize that their ability to meet consumer expectations for personalized experiences is tied directly to how well they capture and analyze interaction data in real-time.1 The dynamics of collecting data, making it insight-ready, and gaining actionable insights to drive personalized offers in real-time is complicated. And for organizations with legacy systems, it may be impossible.

In a hyped marketing technology landscape crowded with solutions, determining which customer data management approach is best for your enterprise is confusing.

A new feature article from the Reltio Research team, “How Modern Data Platforms Power Customer Data Platforms”, includes interviews with two leading customer data management experts.

Learn why David Raab of the Customer Data Platform Institute, said “It’s possible, depending on the use case requirements of a particular organization, that a CDP might need to be supplemented by a master data management (MDM) solution.”

And why Robin Bloor, co-founder of The Bloor Group, told us that “Most legacy MDM systems weren’t designed to keep pace with the needs of users or the pace of change in the digital world.”

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