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Reltio Offers Unprecedented Incentive to Liberate Enterprises from Legacy MDM Vendor Lock-In

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Cloud-Native MDM Eliminates Constraints and Costly, Time-Consuming Upgrades of On-Premises Software and “Cloud-Washed” Managed Services


Redwood City, Calif. — November 17, 2020 Reltio, an award-winning software as a service (SaaS) company at the heart of helping innovative Global 2000 companies thrive in the digital economy, today introduced an unprecedented incentive for enterprises struggling with slow, rigid and constrained on-premises master data management (MDM) tools to migrate to a cloud-native SaaS MDM platform.

  • Six months free subscription to Reltio Connected Data Platform and $100,000 in services for new customers currently using an outdated on-premises MDM tool.
  • Offer expires on January 31, 2021. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Move to cloud-native, multi-domain MDM SaaS platform in as few as 90 days with a proven migration methodology used for more than 100 MDM system replacements.

The COVID economy accelerated the need for digital transformation. As BDO put it, “If there were any lingering doubts about the necessity of digital transformation to business longevity, the coronavirus has silenced them. In a contactless world, the vast majority of interactions with customers and employees must take place virtually. With rare exception, operating digitally is the only way to stay in business through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. It’s go digital, or go dark.”

SaaS is the fastest and most durable way for enterprises to adopt the technology required for digital transformation. Reltio has a significant lead time advantage in the MDM market. The company brought the first multi-domain MDM SaaS platform to market nearly a decade ago. The Reltio Connected Data Platform remains the only cloud-native, multi-domain MDM platform to achieve Enterprise 360.

Gartner, in a July 2020 news release, reported that “Software as a service (SaaS) remains the largest [public cloud services] market segment and is forecast to grow to $104.7 billion in 2020. The continued shift from on-premises license software to subscription-based SaaS models, in conjunction with the increased need for new software collaboration tools during COVID-19, is driving SaaS growth.”


Avoid Cloud Migration Confusion

InfoWorld “Cloud Computing” blogger, David Linthicum, an internationally recognized industry expert, pointed out earlier this year that some software vendors “with older, on-premises solutions have now rebranded their technology as ‘private clouds.’ Although some of the technology is indeed private cloud technology, many so-called private cloud solutions predate cloud computing and don’t support cloud computing features such as auto- and self-provisioning or supporting automated elastic scalability.”

Don’t be fooled by the “cloud washing” of on-premises products. Legacy software running in a vendor’s or managed service provider’s (MSP) data center and labelled “private cloud” has none of the benefits of a true SaaS application on a multi-tenant, public cloud. While hosted private clouds may free customers from hardware maintenance, the real benefits of cloud – rapid time to use, scalability, flexibility, business resiliency and continuity, hands-off updates and upgrades, and security, among others, aren’t there.

Reltio Connected Data Platform is available from Reltio and through AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud Partner Directory, and Salesforce AppExchange.


Noel Yuhanna, VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester in the report, Now Tech: Master Data Management, Q4 2020: “SaaS accelerates MDM deployments. The new generation of MDM vendors provides a fully managed and highly automated solution in one or more public clouds. These SaaS MDM solutions leverage native cloud capabilities and simplify deployments with no-code and low-code offerings. Many SaaS solutions also integrate with other data and analytical services and of course provide pay-per-use pricing models.” October 21, 2020 (subscription required)

Bud McGann, Chief Revenue Officer, Reltio: “Reltio’s message to businesses struggling with outdated MDM products is, ‘Help us…Help you,’ to paraphrase Jerry Maguire. The ‘perpetual’ in ‘perpetual license’ aptly describes on-premises software’s never ending, disruptive updates and upgrades, expensive services and support, costly hardware refreshes.”

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About Reltio

Reltio disrupted the master data management (MDM) software market when it launched the first cloud-native MDM software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Reltio remains the only company that provides a cloud-native multi-tenant multi-domain MDM platform that delivers real-time data at scale. The Reltio Connected Data Platform provides agility, scale, simplicity, security and performance unmatched by competitors. Reltio’s API-first approach eases configuration and integration with downstream applications for developers.

The Reltio Connected Data Platform gives Global 2000 customers an Enterprise 360 view to power digital transformation and growth. Reltio is the single source of truth for enterprise data, a fundamentally better way to create rich data profiles that include relationships, omnichannel transaction and interaction data, and third-party data at the speed and scale of cloud. Visit www.reltio.com to gain an Enterprise 360 view of mission-critical data for real-time operations, analytics and data science.

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