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Reltio Offers Accelerated Deployment of Reltio Connected Customer 360 for Rapid Digital Transformation and Improved Customer Experience

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Fast Start Gives Global 2000 Enterprises Responsive Data Management Capabilities at the Speed of Cloud in as Few as 90 Days 


Redwood City, Calif. — May 28, 2020 — Reltio, an award-winning software as a service (SaaS) company helping innovative Global 2000 companies win in the experience economy, is announcing an exclusive offer for a Fast Start Package for Reltio Connected Customer 360, the only born-in-the-cloud and cloud-native data management platform. Reltio’s responsive data management platform creates holistic, up-to-date, and actionable customer profiles by bringing together customer data from any source  and any format. The platform makes it easier to drive hyper-personalization, accelerate real-time operations, and simplify compliance and consent management, all at scale. The Reltio platform’s responsive capabilities allow companies  to quickly adapt to changing customer, organizational, operational, regulatory, and scalability needs, without redesign and reimplementation. The Fast Start package gets enterprises up and running at a fixed price in as few as 90 days. This is a limited time offer and terms apply.  

“In this unprecedented business environment, customer relationships have never been more important or at risk. Buyer behaviors, needs, and preferences have shifted. Digital transformation and personalized customer experiences are business priorities because they are essential to compete in the high tech, low touch economy that will persist for years to come,” said Manish Sood, Reltio’s CEO. “Reltio Connected Customer 360 can help Global 2000 companies quickly adapt, manage, and recover from economic disruption. Fast time-to-value is crucial. Reltio is committed to getting enterprises connected with customers, partners, and prospects to stabilize, then grow, their business. Fast Start is designed to provide a fast, fixed-cost path to success.”

Reltio Connected Customer 360 helps companies meet enterprise requirements and enable them to operate more effectively in what Barron’s calls the “Social Distance Economy.”1 Companies of all sizes need to acquire, build, and foster better relationships with customers in ways that minimize or eliminate physical contact. The ability to expedite a shift to digital, while maintaining connected customer experiences, is vital for recovery and long-term success. 

A May 11 PwC survey2 of 867 CFOs from 24 countries or territories during the week of May 4 supports this outlook. Many CFOs will cut or defer capex investments, but significantly fewer plan to cancel digital spending. Presented with nine investment areas considered for deferment or cancellation, respondents ranked Digital Transformation sixth at 16 percent. Customer Experience was eighth with just 11 percent considering reducing or eliminating spend. Only Cybersecurity and Privacy was lower. 

Reltio Connected Customer 360 can adapt to today’s changing customer requirements and help pivot during future business fluctuations. The platform is built with a big data architecture, and uses proven data models to speed deployment and scale. It can help businesses accelerate a:

The Fast Start Package is an investment that can get businesses operating more quickly than managed services and on-premises solutions, which can take two or more years to go live. 

To learn how Responsive Data Management can help you pivot, watch the on-demand webinar “The Data Leader’s Priority: Pivoting with a Responsive Data Strategy.”

About Reltio
Reltio is an award-winning cloud software provider that enables enterprises to win in the experience economy. Reltio Connected Customer 360 is a fundamentally better way to create rich customer profiles that include relationships, omnichannel transaction and interaction data, and other valuable insights. Global 2000 enterprises use this information to fully understand customers and deliver exceptional experiences. 

Reltio customers include eight of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, market-leaders in healthcare, financial services, and technology, major travel and hospitality brands, and prestigious international luxury consumer brands in fashion, retail, and personal care. Visit www.reltio.com to reimagine your customer experience. 


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