Migrate to Modern:
A Simplified Approach to a Faster and Easier MDM Practice

Gartner® tells us that “through 2025, more than 75% of MDM programs will fail to meet business expectations because of a failure to connect MDM value to business value.”* A modern data management approach connects your data to business value by allowing you to activate your data at the quality, scale, flexibility, and speed demanded by modern business practices.

Join Abhishek Shankar, Director and Principal Architect of Data Management at Fresh Gravity, and Guy Vorster, Principal Solution Consultant at Reltio, discuss how modern data management approaches make the practice of MDM faster and easier while enabling you to continuously curate and integrate accurate, timely, and trusted data that delivers business value and meets today’s demands. You will leave this session knowing:

  • The limitations of legacy solutions and why they are not designed to support today’s business needs.
  • How modern MDM capabilities avoid legacy pitfalls and enable cost-effective, agile solutions that drive business goals and digital transformation.
  • Real-world approaches and examples of how Fresh Gravity migrates legacy MDM solutions to Reltio and enables modern data management practices that accelerate and simplify business transformation.

*Gartner®, “Magic Quadrant™ for Master Data Management Solutions”, Sally Parker, at al, 6 December 2021

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