Analytical vs Operational MDM

Analytical vs Operational MDM

Analytical MDM is focused on providing clean, coordinated data for reporting and decision-support systems like machine learning-based analytics.

Operational MDM is focused on providing clean, trusted data to support business processes in real time.

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Analytical MDM

Analytical MDM systems clean and organize data for reporting and business intelligence. They collect it from a central hub and convert it into a format suitable for downstream applications.

An analytical MDM system, in its most basic form, generates master records and IDs that link to analytics, reporting, or data science and business intelligence tools. An analytical MDM system can also communicate changes and insights back to data sources or master profiles.

Operational MDM

Operational MDM is focused on validating data to inform business processes in real-time. This type of MDM requires a much higher level of reliability, performance and accessibility than analytical MDM.

The Reltio platform is commonly used to create a single source of truth data for operational systems like CRM, ERP and procurement. Reltio averages less than 300 milliseconds to complete processes and make data available to operational systems.

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