What’s New in Reltio Connected Data Platform Release 2022.2

I’m really excited to share our latest innovations in the 2022.2 release of the Reltio Connected Data Platform featuring new real-time data quality management capabilities and several key updates to the platform to help you accelerate the value of your data. These enhancements include updates to Reltio Integration Hub, a new intuitive user interface, a new solution tailored for the insurance industry, and API performance monitoring.


Real-time data quality
We have revolutionized the Master Data Management (MDM) industry with the first cloud-native, continuous, and automated data quality management solution that helps organizations make better business decisions with high-quality, trusted data.

Poor data quality reduces a business’s operational efficiency and leads to poor decision making, while increasing costs and risks. Most data quality issues plaguing organizations result from human error, system limitations, and resolution latency. Any and all of these can be addressed with our full set of data quality management capabilities that go beyond what is offered by other MDM solutions.

The Reltio Connected Data Platform now includes the following capabilities to fuel real-time operations, analytics, and critical business decisions with continuously curated, high-quality data:

  • New interactive dashboard provides real-time insights including data characteristics, patterns, and trends for entities and relationships
  • Continuous data validation automatically and continuously inspects and flags data based upon configurable business rules to rapidly diagnose and correct data issues
  • Ongoing cleansing and standardization cleanses, corrects, and provides standardization of data from all sources as it flows into the Reltio Connected Data Platform

Our real-time data quality gives you control over data quality by actively monitoring and providing a complete picture of your data health in real time without manual effort, allowing you to focus on reconciling data quality and ensuring the most accurate data guides business decisions that increase revenue, control costs, and minimize risks.


Reltio Integration Hub
Reltio Integration Hub increases business agility by enabling you to quickly and easily integrate trusted data with any and all upstream or downstream applications and data stores in just hours.

MDM systems fail to realize their full value when they cannot integrate trusted and accurate data into business processes. The cost and time to implement are the most significant barriers to successful delivery of integration initiatives. By incorporating Reltio Integration Hub into our platform last fall, we removed these constraints and enabled you to integrate applications and data within hours to empower teams across your enterprise with instant access to highly accurate, trusted data. In this release, we’ve optimized Reltio Integration Hub for faster development of application integration and data enrichment to further decrease integration complexity.

Since its initial release, our customers have delivered simple and fast integrations without the typical cost and time constraints. Some examples:

  • “The Reltio Integration Hub was integral in helping us connect accurate and trusted data 3X faster than alternative solutions while still enriching data and lowering costs by approximately $100,000,” commented Sajid Syed, Sr. Director, Enterprise Data Platform, Advarra.
  • An industrial equipment retailer maximized ROI by creating a direct Salesforce connection in just 4 days.
  • A single connector has a major healthcare organization saving $300K per year from application reconciliation.

Reltio Integration Hub is part of your base subscription¹—and with a low-code/no-code approach, you can avoid the pitfalls of MDM integration to deliver accurate, trusted data across the business.


Reltio for Insurance
We now offer a packaged solution for insurance industry use cases. Insurance organizations can deploy faster and realize value in weeks, as they transition from policy-centric to customer-centric business models.

Insurance companies are facing technology-driven disruptions and need to adapt their operating models, processes, and products to a hyper-personalized, customer-focused perspective.

The Reltio Connected Data Platform’s unique ability to manage multi-contextual views in MDM makes it the perfect choice to support these transitions as it is key to understand both old and new perspectives of customers, policies, agents, and employees.

Reltio for Insurance jumpstarts the shift to customer-centricity with a pre-built, insurance-specific solution package that includes:

  • Out-of-the-box entity and relationship data models
  • Configurations for cleansing, matching, survivorship, data quality, UI layout, and household relationships
  • Ability to integrate with data enrichment services like Precisely and Demyst
  • Ability to integrate with insurance solutions like Guidewire and Duck Creek


Many organizations such as insurance companies and financial institutions are evolving their business models to be customer-centric. Understanding the household that customers belong to is a critical aspect of customer centricity, but it is often difficult to create and manage an accurate view of households. This makes it very challenging to provide the experiences customers demand today. And not having an accurate view of households can lead to loss of revenue from inefficient marketing campaigns and missed cross-sell/upsell opportunities.

Our platform’s householding capability automatically derives and manages a household relationship while your data works its way through the matching process. So when you are done mastering new or updated customer records, you also get the most current household perspective, and these insights can be exported to downstream applications and data stores for immediate use. The Reltio Connected Data Platform creates and manages one of the most critical customer insights your business depends on, and it happens as part of normal processing, without any extra effort. No other MDM solution in the market provides this critical need with the ease and speed of our householding capability.

  • Instantly gain critical insights with householding relationships being created during mastering
  • Optimize campaign effectiveness with constantly curated, accurate household insights
  • Simplify segment creation by replacing manual aggregation with complete automation


API performance monitoring
Today’s business interactions demand immediacy. Whether it’s B2C or B2B engagement, customers, vendors, and suppliers all expect real-time experiences. Delivering on that expectation consistently is a challenge, but doing so without knowing how your real-time integration is actually performing makes it even more difficult. API performance monitoring helps you ensure data moves at the speed of business to meet all of your real-time integration needs.

Our API performance monitoring lets you see response rates in real time—with API latency reports that allow you to view and act on what’s happening with your API integrations.

  • Easily analyze performance data over time to inform improvement opportunities and understand actions that impact API latency
  • Understand patterns of usage for selected groups or individual APIs for a selected period of time
  • Get visibility into most used and most time consuming APIs by type, user, compute consumption, etc.


Modernized user interface
Our user interface has been modernized to deliver an even more intuitive experience. It now allows you to identify process issues, get real-time insights, resolve customer inquiries, and get a 360 view of profiles, relationships, and interactions. Its self-service capabilities take the effort out of data stewardship and platform management to increase efficiency and lower TCO.

  • New navigation lets you see more with fewer clicks
  • New graph perspective simplifies the relationship visualization
  • Modified match review accelerates stewardship activities


New navigation

The new user interface incorporates the latest UX trends for leaner and faster navigation with fewer cursor movements.

  • Collapsible navigation increases the workable area and remains user-focused
  • Reduced friction between primary, secondary, and global navigation
  • Fast interaction—switch to to global navigation with a single click
  • Better content discovery with a focused search experience
  • Scalable navigation on different viewports


New graph perspective

We improved performance for large volumes of data and enhanced the information hierarchy for an easier data management experience.

  • Improved graph visualization of related entities
  • Ability to view connected entities and manage relationships
  • Record filtering capability using entity, relationship and graph types


Modified match review

We accelerated review and resolution of pending potential matches by enabling users to resolve matches confidently with additional controls on the match review screen that simplify the review process.

  • Personalize match review screen by selecting and organizing attributes for comparison
  • Filtering and sorting of the potential matches for finding matches manually
  • Highlighting of the attributes that met the match rule conditions
  • Enhanced look and feel of the match review screen


The Reltio Connected Data Platform 2022.2 release is now generally available. To learn more, view our 2022.2 Release Webinar and 2022.2 Release Notes.


¹ It is available to all customers as part of the base package with a fair usage policy

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