Reltio Academy – The Great Refarkle

Reltio Master Data Management (MDM) Training Refreshed and Ready for You

Refarkle isn’t a word. It should be. Early in my career, I took a plan to the CEO of my company and I could tell he liked it, but I could also tell he wasn’t entirely happy with it. He told me I needed to “refarkle the plan”. Despite having never heard that term before, I knew exactly what he meant. Rework it from the ground up, not completely starting over, but adjusting the plan given the new information.

At Reltio, we’ve refarkled Reltio Academy MDM Courses. The changes are happening on multiple fronts, from the course offering menu to the depth of technical detail, format, length, and pricing.

“We’re keeping the best of our existing MDM training library, revising and reformatting content, and introducing brand new courses at a rapid pace.”
John Parker, VP, Center of Excellence, Reltio

SaaS companies like Reltio have led the way in the development of microservices and containerization — concepts that support rapid product evolution, scalability, and portability across a wide range of environments. Our MDM Training is designed to move in sync with the technology it’s designed to support.

Modular Approach to Learning — Designed for Your Busy Life

  • Short sections. While the courses can take 2 – 4 hours to complete, the modules in the courses are no longer than 30 minutes. Some take only 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Topically organized modules. Looking for training on a specific topic? Get to the information you need the most without having to complete other modules.    
  • On-demand learning. Available 24×7, you can take the self-paced on-demand courses whenever it’s convenient.
  • Video Examples and Practice Exercises. See many examples of Reltio in action and practice what you’ve learned in the Configuration Fundamentals course. 
  • Access to Reltio Expertise. You can ask questions and get answers via the “Ask the Expert” feature inside each course.

Progressive Learning Plans

The modules and courses are designed to flow into one another, so if you want to develop broad Reltio knowledge and capabilities, simply progress through the modules.

A dozen additional MDM courses are currently under development in areas such as Data Cleanse, Data Modeling, Architecture, Security and more!  Keep an eye on the Reltio Academy page for updates.

Reltio Course Completion Seals

At Reltio we believe your hard work should be rewarded. A professional acknowledgment in a practice area is valuable recognition that gives your co-workers, customers, and partners confidence in your Reltio knowledge and skills.

Upon successful completion of all the modules in a course and the accompanying knowledge check, learners will receive a certificate of course completion and seal to showcase on websites, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and resumes/CVs.

Get Started Today – Courses Free in 2020

For the remainder of 2020, we are excited to offer all Reltio Academy courses for free. Now is a great time to invest in your future. Please visit Reltio Academy and try one of the new modules. Let us know what you think!

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