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  • Short sections. While the courses can take 2 - 4 hours to complete, the modules in the courses are no longer than 30 minutes. Some take only 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • Topically organized modules. Looking for training on a specific topic? Get the information you need the most without having to complete other modules.
  • Self-paced learning. Available 24x7, you can take the on-demand courses whenever it’s convenient.
  • Video examples and practice exercises. See many examples of Reltio in action and practice what you’ve learned in the Configuration Fundamentals course.
  • Access to Reltio experts. You can ask questions and get answers via the “Ask the Expert” feature inside each course.
  • Progressive learning plans.  Modules are designed to flow into one another, so if you want to develop broad Reltio knowledge and capabilities, simply progress through the modules.

Foundational Courses

The following courses are recommended for less technical, more business oriented users or those who want a general overview of Reltio

Course Description Duration
Introduction to Reltio This course identifies the type of business problems solved by Reltio by showcasing Reltio solutions used across industries, and the ways data-driven solutions can support the business cases of leading organizations. The Reltio differentiators, benefits of using Reltio are described, and a walkthrough of Reltio product features. 1 Hr
Reltio Cloud User Experience This course provides an overview of the Reltio User Interface. It describes the terminology, features, functions and navigation tools of the User Interface, Reference Data Management UI and Reltio Console. 2 Hrs

Advanced Courses

The following courses are recommended for more technical users who want to learn how to configure Reltio for their specific needs or integrate it with other systems.

Each course is divided into modules covering separate topics. Each module has a duration of less than 30 minutes and consists of self paced videos and a knowledge check so that learners can test their understanding of each topic as they progress. The technical courses include a final knowledge check consisting of questions from all the modules in the course. A learner must get a score of 85% to pass the final knowledge check, and will get a course completion certificate and a badge on successful completion. The certificate and badge will be valid for two years.

Course Description Duration
Reltio Configuration Fundamentals This course teaches the key aspects of tenant configuration at a high-level and creates a foundation for the skills necessary to configure and integrate Reltio solutions. You will work with Reltio's metadata model, create cleanse, match, and survivorship rules and get an introduction to data integration techniques.

Upon completion the learner will have skills necessary to complete basic configuration tasks as well as the necessary foundation for subsequent courses that provide deep-dive instruction.

We recommend this course as a prerequisite to the advanced courses.

This course includes access to a tenant with guided labs for hands-on practice. If a learner chooses to do the labs, an additional 16 hrs should be allocated.
4 Hrs
Creating Match Rules This course teaches use of the match rule framework within the Reltio platform. Coverage includes the experience from a data steward’s perspective of cleansing, matching, merging and effects of survivorship. Deep dives into various types of match rules, how to construct match rules, how to use various match level cleansers and best practices for various kinds of attributes.

Upon completion the learner should be fully empowered to design and implement match rules across entity types within a Reltio tenant.
3 Hrs
Exporting Data from Reltio This course teaches the various methods for extracting data from a Reltio Tenant in real-time, in batch and in ad-hoc form from the MDM UI.

Upon completion the learner should be fully empowered to design and implement processes that retrieve data from a tenant via api calls, and extract volumes of data from a Reltio tenant in batch mode.
1 Hr
Loading Data into Reltio This course teaches the end-to-end process for loading data into a Reltio tenant including data profiling, extraction, transformation, loading and monitoring. Detailed descriptions and demonstrations, including the use of Postman, of each of the methods for loading data are covered.

Upon completion the learner should be fully empowered to design and implement processes to export data from a Reltio tenant, using different techniques as appropriate.
3 Hrs
Data Tenant Subscription Service This course teaches the concepts provided by Reltio's Data Tenant Subscription Service (DTSS) which facilitates the sharing of records between tenants and the enrichment of records with 3rd party data.

Upon completion the learner should be fully empowered to configure, operate and administer the service for their own implementations.
Detailed descriptions and demonstrations, including the use of Postman, of each of the methods for loading data are covered.

This course includes access to a tenant where the learner can experiment with the concepts taught in the course. There are no formal labs included.
2 Hrs

Course Completion Seals

Course Completion Seals

Upon successful completion of all the modules in a course and the accompanying knowledge check, learners will receive a certificate of course completion and seal to showcase on websites, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, and resumes/CVs. A professional acknowledgment in a practice area is valuable recognition that gives your co-workers, customers, and partners confidence in your Reltio knowledge and skills.

Interested in even more recognition, check out the Reltio Certification program.