Reltio 2024.2: Empowering enterprises to unify their data

The need for real-time, trusted, unified data has never been greater. The biggest challenge facing enterprises is effectively harnessing the vast amounts of information at their disposal. Those who can swiftly overcome the hurdles of data management can gain a significant competitive edge, enabling them to make informed decisions, innovate faster, and deliver superior customer experiences in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

At Reltio, we are committed to empowering data leaders by continuously innovating and enhancing our data unification and management offerings. The latest Reltio Connected Data Platform release further empowers data leaders by enhancing our AI-powered platform and offerings. With the release of Reltio 2024.2, we are excited to introduce a range of new features and improvements to our products, including Reltio Multidomain Master Data Management (MDM) and Reltio Customer 360 Data Product—that help our customers solve their biggest data challenges and further solidify our position as a leader in the data unification space.

Reltio Customer 360 Data Product

The Reltio Customer 360 Data Product has been at the forefront of our efforts to provide comprehensive, trusted customer profiles. In this latest release, we introduced a new user experience for segmentation and enhanced generative AI (genAI) capabilities. These advancements make creating, managing, and activating dynamically updated customer segments easier than ever for various enterprise use cases.

  • New audience segmentation and activation capabilities: Our new user interface and genAI-driven skills simplify exploring customer data and creating granular, dynamically updated segments. With Reltio Intelligent Assistant, a GenAI-powered conversational assistant, users can effortlessly navigate and utilize customer data. Customer data segments can then be activated across hundreds of prebuilt connectors to popular sales, service, and marketing applications like Salesforce CRM, ServiceNow, Marketo, and HubSpot.

Reltio Intelligent Assistant – enhanced genAI capabilities

Segmentation in Reltio Customer 360 Data Product

Reltio Multidomain MDM

Our multidomain MDM product continues to evolve with new velocity packs designed to jumpstart specific data management initiatives. These prebuilt multidomain MDM packages are tailored to specific industries, enabling rapid time-to-value and reducing the risk of data errors. Our latest release expands the velocity pack concept to horizontal data domains for supplier and product data.

  • Reltio for Supplier velocity pack accelerates the unification and standardization of supplier data, optimizing supply chain performance and reducing compliance risks. It includes an out-of-the-box data model, a preconfigured user interface, match rules, and prebuilt integrations. Customers can go live in 90 days or less, benefiting from improved spend visibility, supplier governance, and efficient supply chain processes.
  • Reltio for Product velocity pack enhances product data management and helps businesses manage inventory effectively and boost product sales. It includes a prebuilt data model, configurations, and match rules, allowing quick implementation and reduced error risk. Companies can accelerate product innovation and refine sales strategies based on market performance insights using this velocity pack.

Reltio Business Critical Edition

We now offer a premium business-continuity service for customers of Reltio Multidomain MDM and Reltio 360 Data Product. This new service addresses the need for continuously available, trusted, real-time data serving mission-critical business operations so companies can avoid outages and data loss. It offers robust disaster recovery for enterprises with strict uptime and data resiliency requirements and enables cross-region failover. It provides recovery-time objectives of less than 4 hours and recovery-point objectives of less than 5 minutes. Reltio Business Critical Edition also includes capabilities like AWS PrivateLink for secure data transfer over a virtual private cloud (VPC) and Reltio Shield for data encryption using customer-specific keys.

Reltio Integration for Collibra

Modern data architectures require trusted data sources to be easily discoverable. Our customers can now streamline data governance efforts with Reltio’s prebuilt integration with Collibra’s data catalog. This integration, available for Multidomain MDM and Customer 360 Data Product customers, ensures that trusted core data and 360 customer profiles are readily available across the enterprise, enhancing data discoverability and governance. This accelerates the connection between these key data management systems and makes trusted data stored in Reltio easily discoverable across the enterprise via Collibra’s data catalog. More users can find and consume high-quality, well-governed data for better business outcomes. Users can also use Collibra’s data lineage capabilities to gain end-to-end visibility of their data assets.

Reltio Data Pipeline for Databricks

Reltio 2024.2 also introduces the general availability of the Reltio Data Pipeline for Databricks to support AI and advanced analytics initiatives. This feature allows for the seamless delivery of trusted, near real-time data to Databricks, enabling various operational and strategic analytics use cases with minimal effort. This integration accelerates AI and machine learning projects by reducing data preparation time and providing valuable insights faster.

Collaborative profile authoring and conditional attribute views

With 2024.2, collaborative profile authoring is now generally available to all customers. Customers who create profiles manually can use this capability to create a workflow for creating profiles collaboratively with integrated quality checks and approvals. Another key capability is dynamic UI control based on certain control attributes. Customers can define this behavior in the console easily.

Empowering data leaders to drive innovation 

The Reltio 2024.2 release represents a significant milestone in our journey to empower data leaders. With advanced AI capabilities, new velocity packs, enhanced segmentation features, and robust business continuity solutions, Reltio continues to set the standard for data unification and management. We are excited to see how our customers will leverage these new features to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and achieve their business goals.

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