Access Gartner Peer Insights Even If You Aren’t a Client

Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Officers, Enterprise Architects and other data professionals shopping for a master data management (MDM) solution may want expert advice. Identifying and “short-listing” MDM software providers is a common and smart starting point. 

One sounding board is an IT research and advisory firm. The largest among these technology tastemakers is Gartner, a large public company based in Stamford, CT. Clients include corporate technology and business executives on one hand, and software, hardware, and services companies that want to sell to them on the other. Reltio is in that second group; what Gartner calls “vendors.” 

Craig Safian, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Gartner, reported during Gartner’s Q3 2020 Results Earnings Conference Call on Nov 3, 2020 that, “The average contract value for enterprise continues to grow. It now stands at $227,000 for enterprise in GTS up 9% year-over-year.” That puts Gartner’s advisory, research and almost all other services out of reach for some companies. But Gartner does provide a free service: Gartner Peer Insights. 

The company describes Gartner Peer Insights as a “peer-driven ratings and reviews platform for enterprise IT solutions and services covering over 300+ technology markets and 3,000 vendors.” Gartner points out that reviews are verified before publication, are free to read, and cover the “360o IT lifecycle.” Pretty good deal, right? 

If you hadn’t heard of Gartner Peer Insights before, you’re welcome. What may be even better than free and curated product reviews is that Gartner Peer Insights, as the name suggests, are from IT and business professionals like you. Customer reviews are based on direct, firsthand experience using a product or service. And that makes Gartner Peer Insights valuable to you for identifying and assessing options. 

Reltio on Gartner Peer Insights

Nothing is more valuable to any company in any business than validation, corroboration, expressions of satisfaction from customers. Everyone at Reltio is thrilled when customers join our weekly all hands meeting to share their experiences, talk about Reltio Connected Data Platform at a conference, tell a reporter how our cloud native MDM SaaS platform helped create new revenue streams, or write a Gartner Peer Insights review. 

In the 12 months preceding Dec 31, 2020 (when I’m writing this blog), Reltio had 25 reviews submitted by our customers. 85 percent of Reltio customers (21 of 25) who published a verified review of Reltio Connected Data Platform over the past 12 months cited “Product roadmap and vision” as a “key factor” that drove them to select Reltio. In contrast, only 50 percent of Informatica customer reviews (6 of 12) during the same time period cited “Product roadmap and vision” as a “key factor” that drove them to select Informatica MDM. Just 40 percent of TIBCO (EBX) customer reviews (23 of 57), another Leader, cited “Product roadmap and vision” as a “key factor” that drove them to select the product. 

We’re thrilled that the overwhelming majority of Reltio customers recognize our innovation, ability to plan the future of master data management with imagination and wisdom, and help them harness the power of data to improve every aspect of their business. 

Reasons to Move to a SaaS MDM Platform

Read the reviews. Maybe you are in the market for a master data management (MDM) solution because your on-premises software provider is presenting you with another forklift upgrade or eye-popping license renewal. Or because you realize that purported “cloud” MDM offering is really just on-premises MDM software (acquired 10 years ago and largely unchanged) running as a single tenant in their data center and delivered to you at a premium without the advantages of a true multi-tenant, multi-domain cloud native SaaS platform like Reltio Connected Data Platform. Nor can they give you a choice of public cloud providers. Reltio’s ecosystem of cloud services and SaaS partners is unmatched.  

Perhaps you’ve been burned by over-priced, under-performing, second-thought MDM software from an old guard enterprise mega-vendor who is still figuring out their cloud strategy — in 2021. No matter why you are considering or evaluating MDM, reading the Gartner Peer Insights reviews for Reltio and our competitors is worth your time. 

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