How to Create Great CX Using the Full Potential of MDM

Improved customer experience (CX) is a key driver in the digital economy, and having optimal multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) is a core prerequisite for delivering great CX.

First, MDM underpins your ability to get insights into the following:

  • Customer identity
  • Customer hierarchies
  • Customer locations
  • Customer transactions
  • Customer footprint on websites
  • Customer footprint on social media
  • Customer preferences
  • Customer privacy and data protection settings and rights

Second, MDM gives you the insight into how to provide a tailored product experience by managing the data supply chain from your suppliers/vendors to each of the customer touchpoints by:

  • Having your suppliers/vendors syndicate all the product, service and other information that is required by your customers
  • Transforming this data into the data structure that fits your customers
  • Consolidating all sources relevant for your customers
  • Enriching it with your internal competitive information to delight and engage your customers
  • Customizing it for each channel where you have a touch point with your customers
  • Personalizing and utilizing rich and structured customer insights


Want to learn more?

View this recorded webinar as I walk you through some core concepts of how to approach multi-domain MDM with CX in mind. In a short product demo, 

Ramon Chen, chief product officer at Reltio, also shows how you can do this using Reltio Connected Customer 360.  

Click here to view the on-demand webinar


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