Modern Data Management for Manufacturing

Executives within the Manufacturing industry are implementing Modern Data Management strategies to ensure:

  • Personalized account hierarchies that uncover many-to-many relationships across people, organizations, products, suppliers, and locations
  • Reliable 360-degree customer and supplier account views enriched with Dun & Bradstreet data
  • Compliance and contract adherence
  • Pre-merger analysis and post-merger customer and supplier data aggregation between “original” and acquired company
  • Improvement of overall data quality for data-driven business decisions

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See how other leaders are transforming their business

One month out of the year, our volume goes up 50X so I need the Reltio Cloud option to scale-up, and scale-down. - Director MDM
— A Leading PC & Printer Manufacturer & Seller
  • Created a single account view across the enterprise with enriched data through Dun & Bradstreet integration
  • Delivered an Account 360 solution to manage complex relationships and hierarchies among business units, customers, resellers and partners
  • Improved sales order processing significantly with external matching
  • Increased data load performance by 577 X, and saves more than $1M annually from improved data management operations