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The Self-Learning Enterprise: Staying Competitive in the Digital Era

Businesses have seen constant technological evolution in the last couple of decades, moving from process-driven on-premises applications (E.g. ERP, CRM), to Cloud and SaaS efficiency, and in recent times incorporating big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Even though vast amounts of data can now be collected cost effectively, real business value lies in continuously organizing data across siloed sources and channels, to operate more efficiently and improve results.

But IT and business teams, and their use of technologies, are also siloed. While IT focuses on initiatives such as standalone Master Data Management (MDM), big data lakes, AI and ML projects, business teams invest in their own SaaS applications and tools for self-service speed and agility. In the face of new revenue models, regulations, mergers & acquisitions, businesses still have to deliver to high customer expectations.

Tech titans like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google lead the way on the strength of their use of data and insights. They learn from their data, actions and results to measure and improve. High churn of old business models indicates that a major shift towards not just being more data-driven, but evolving to a Self-Learning Enterprise is essential for survival.

Self-Learning Enterprises recognize that data needs to be at the heart of every decision, and more data requires ongoing organization into a reliable data foundation. Use of a Self-Learning Data Platform with built-in advanced analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence delivers a unified data set with unlimited personalized views for all business teams. A Self-Learning Enterprise continuously learns about customers, products, and their relationships to deliver role and goal-based recommended actions to meet individual, team, and company objectives.

In the digital era data is not a company’s biggest asset if it’s not reliable or used correctly. Continuous data organization combined with self-learning is the key to success. This paper provides a framework to evolve into a Self-Learning Enterprise.


“Winners put data at the heart of every decision. Yesterday, winners were product innovators. Today, winners are data innovators. Moving towards Self-Learning Enterprise gives you the most critical competitive advantage today.”