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Reltio Cloud 2015.2 Improves Business Productivity, IT Operating Efficiency, and Compliance

Reltio Cloud 2015.2 Improves Business Productivity, IT Operating Efficiency, and Compliance

Market-leading provider of enterprise data-driven applications adds granular segmentation, advanced search, enhanced personalization, configurable data as a service, sophisticated match and comprehensive audit capabilities

Redwood Shores, CA – July 22, 2015 – Reltio, the enterprise data-driven applications and modern data management company, today announced the general availability of Reltio Cloud 2015.2, the latest release of the market-leading platform that delivers reliable master data, relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions. The new offering features a wide range of capabilities, from granular segmentation to comprehensive audit, improving insights and productivity for frontline business teams through data-driven applications, and boosting operating efficiency for IT teams through modern data management.

“Reltio’s modern platform and new generation of data-driven applications uniquely addresses a wide variety of business challenges across multiple industries. Our mission is to continuously make master and transaction data reliable, uncover relationships, and provide relevant insights paired with recommended actions,” said Anastasia Zamyshlyaeva, VP Platform, Product Management, Reltio. “Reltio Cloud 2015.2 continues to improve productivity for business teams and increase IT operating efficiency, while ensuring full compliance.”

  • Granular Segmentation: Categories provide a powerful way to group and segment any type of data stored in Reltio in a structured hierarchical manner. Typical scenarios include classifying and creating taxonomies for products, and sales territory alignments. Categories add to tagging feature that provides yet another method to group together records in a simple and easy way. Reltio continuously provides relevant insights in the form of visual dashboards containing continuously updated aggregate counts of all attributes, and tag clouds for convenient one-click access and analysis.
  • Advanced Search: Building upon Reltio’s flexible Google-style semantic search, which returns results across all attributes in all records, as well as attribute-level Boolean filters, Reltio 2015.2 adds the ability to find records that do not exactly match a specific value or do not contain a list of values. Users can also filter records by contributing source system, merged values or counts.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Reltio’s mobile UI, accessible from any device continues to be refined with faster one tap access to key information within Reltio data-driven applications. Business users can define personal settings, including global filter views, and can pin favorite search criteria for quick lookups.
  • Configurable Data as a Service: Reltio DaaS is used by enterprises to easily bring in third-party data from “Reltio Delivered” data partners, as well as for sharing of data between Reltio data-driven applications, and as a mechanism for data monetization and distribution licensing. Reltio 2015.2 now supports dynamic mapping, selection of a subset or all attributes, and how events such as merge, update and delete are to be processed between the data provider Reltio tenant and the Reltio data-driven application. A full copy option also brings across the crosswalks created when data was merged from multiple sources for complete lineage.

  • Sophisticated Match: Reltio provides out-of-the-box and user-configurable matching for master data management (MDM), which can be applied across multiple data domains, in real-time across an infinite number of sources. Reltio 2015.2 adds the ability to find records by number of matches, and those that were matched by configured criteria.
  • Comprehensive Audit: Reltio Cloud 2015.2 now allows tracking of all actions taken by a user through data-driven applications. The ability to capture clickstreams indicating individual views of records adds to the already comprehensive and fine-grained change history audit that accompanies every manual or automated edit, merge and unmerge. The most recent tenant activity is accessible on a user’s home dashboard. Filters can be set to show activity within a particular timeframe, by type of activity, with specific attributes, changes to the profile, relationships created, and more. From an administrative perspective, the audit history can be used to show compliance, as well as to obtain recommended actions to improve productivity and access to information. This is in addition to Reltio’s unique record revision history that provides attribute-level comparison of updates, deletes or inserts across any two points-in-time.

“Congratulations to Reltio on another ground-breaking release. Enterprises across all industries need built-in data reliability with big data scale to keep up with a dynamic, competitive and regulatory market,” said Neil Cowburn, CEO of iMiDiA, a global consulting and solutions firm that helps organizations use data to achieve their business goals and objectives. “We recently used Reltio to support the pre-merger analysis in a multi-billion dollar M&A. It provides fast time to value by allowing us to deliver new data-driven applications. We look forward to using the new Reltio 2015.2 capabilities across a wide variety of business functions, as well as helping organizations evolve from legacy MDM infrastructures to modern data management.”


Over the last 12 months Reltio has been used by companies of all sizes, from small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of scenarios such as:


Reltio Cloud 2015.2 is available now. The company delivers three major releases per year, with customers receiving new capabilities seamlessly into their environment. For further details on capabilities and pricing, contact info@reltio.com.

Reltio will be showcasing Reltio Cloud 2015.2 at the Master Data Management and Data Governance Summit in San Francisco, July 22-23, under the theme “Go Beyond MDM”. Ramon Chen, VP of Marketing will also be presenting an educational session on the combination of master data management, big data and data driven applications July 22 at 12:45pm PT.

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Reltio delivers reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions so companies can be right faster. Reltio Cloud combines data-driven applications with modern data management for better planning, customer engagement and risk management. Reltio enables IT to streamline data management for a complete view across all sources and formats at scale, while sales, marketing and compliance teams use data-driven applications to predict, collaborate and respond to opportunities in real-time. Companies of all sizes, including leading Fortune 500 companies in healthcare and life sciences, distribution and retail rely on Reltio. For more information visit www.reltio.com.