Modern Master Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Combine big data & MDM in the cloud for end-to-end visibility, insight and action.


Today's master data management (MDM) solutions have advanced modestly over the last 10 years. While some have turned to the cloud to improve efficiency, others offer single customer domain, "all-in-one" integration focused on solving data quality problems in transactional applications, such as CRM. Unfortunately, enterprises that use these MDM-only solutions or remain with legacy MDM systems are being held back and missing the big picture.

Similarly, enterprises that use tools to analyze and visualize big data, without correlation back to accurate master dimensions, have no guarantees that their answers are reliable.

Reltio Cloud gives you the complete picture by blending together master data and big data across all domains and formats from internal, third-party and social media sources, creating a unified view of information through a Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS), delivered directly to business users via data-driven applications. Reltio Cloud is the first true multi-cloud, multi-model, multi-tenant Platform as a Service.


Complete Convergence

  • Profiles - Cleanse, match, merge / unmerge data of any type and domain; people, organizations, customers, suppliers, employees, locations and products.

  • Hierarchies, Affiliations & Relationships - Discover and manage legal structures; organizations, reporting and product hierarchies, complex affinity and influencer relationships.

  • Transactions and Interactions - Onboard and connect multichannel application and social data.

  • Analytics embedded in Operational Processes - Combine reliable profile data seamlessly with transactions through predictive analytics and machine learning

COLLABORATive curation 

  • Collaboration - Use social or structured workflows, with attribute level annotation and discussion threads to allow frontline business users to contribute to data completeness and quality.

  • Ratings - Rate and rank profiles, hierarchies and relationships, based on quality of data, or level of engagement.

  • Tags - Manually / programmatically (via machine learning) tag profiles and relationships for ad hoc affinity clustering.

  • Groups - Perform manual and rules-based segmentation.


  • Source Crosswalks - Manage identifiers from a variety of contributing data sources, for ongoing updates and downstream data distribution.

  • History & Lineage - Compare bi-temporal, point-in-time views of historical data and changes, down to attribute level granularity.

  • Audit Trail - See the reasons for any data change, no matter how small.


  • Data Model Free – Data is loaded into Reltio Self-Learning Graph, which stores and indexes an infinite number of attributes and relationships, from structured or unstructured sources. It's a modern database that blends the scalability of the Apache Cassandra columnar store with the flexibility of graph technology.   
  • Data as a Service - Select the sources you want from pre-aligned, third-party and public data sets. Use DaaS yourself to feed data within your organization or monetize your data to realize a new revenue stream. 
  • Microservices and REST APIs - Reltio provides microservices for data and metadata operations, implemented through REST APIs, they can be used to distribute data to downstream systems, and easily enhance existing or create new data-driven applications.