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A Top Used Car Retailer

A top used car retailer in the US had siloed islands of technology and data, and duplicate customer records due to legacy Mergers & Acquisitions. As a result they couldn’t deliver a buying process tailored to each customer. They wanted to provide a seamless customer experience across all their physical and online stores.

Reltio Cloud was used to deploy a Consumer 360 and retail customer data platform solutions managing their multi-domain data (such as customers, vehicle stores, accessories) in a holistic manner while integrating real-time predictive analytics with full visibility into all customer interactions. Store Associates now had to do less manual data entry due to immediate data enrichment through integration of third-party databases. Home Office Associates were able to undertake more advanced analysis initiatives with increased confidence in the data. In addition, real-time ‘search-before-create’ capabilities helped Store Associates search for an existing customer record rather than creating a new one when interacting in-store, thus leading to improved productivity.

With Reltio’s agile data model and rapid time to value, they consolidated data from 155+ store systems in less than 15 weeks. Customer and Vehicle Master allowed their marketing team to create more targeted campaigns, and merchandising to refine inventory acquisition targets based on more complex demand analysis. Their goal of delighting their customers with personalized service is now a reality.

We entered into a strategic relationship with Reltio to take advantage of Reltio’s innovative technology to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and with our investors.