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A Top 5 Global Pharma

A top 5 global pharma company had deployed 67 separate legacy on premises customer masters around the world (145 countries). As a result they couldn’t manage and leverage their customer data in an efficient manner. Upgrades were a major endeavor, and business users disliked the clunky slow interface that had been custom developed for them to submit changes. They needed to streamline and simplify their global master data management (MDM) program and employ a cost effective, low maintenance solution. Time to value, and business adoption was critical.

Reltio Cloud was deployed and replaced their 67 MDM on-premises deployments with just 3 regional cloud tenants. It allowed them to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns and simplify capabilities for cross-market queries on healthcare providers (HCPs). With Reltio Cloud’s simple configurability and ease of use,  business was able to give its field sales representatives the ability to submit updates through the Reltio UI via mobile phones, allowing them to contribute towards overall data quality. Reltio Cloud helped them reduce cost of ownership by $3.6M per year, and improved user query response time by 10X.

It turned out to be better, easier, and cheaper to replace the legacy system with Reltio … Moving to the cloud on the Reltio system was a huge factor in the success of the project, including better performance and lower costs.

— IT Capability Lead for Commercial Sales