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A Leading Pet Specialty Retailer in US

A leading pet specialty retailer in US was committed to deliver outstanding customer experience. However, they had multiple repetitive data entry points from their customers. As a result, they had decentralized and disjointed customer experience across departments and services and were unable to offer personalized and timely content & product recommendations for their customers. They needed to reduce interaction friction, provide personalized recommendations, and unlock new opportunities for their customers resulting in increased trips, increased size of basket, and increased retention.

Reltio Cloud was used to deploy Consumer 360 that helped create a single view of pet parents across all their brands, joint ventures, and more than 12 systems. It helped provide timely & easy access to relevant product & services (e.g. supplies, adoption, grooming, veterinary) and manage omni-channel journeys of pet parents & pet entourages (e.g. groomer, coach, veterinarian). Reltio’s unique approach to modeling relationships with graph technology, combined with big data science, allowed them to unlock the critical intersections of interactions and information by creating a single repository of trusted and mastered pet parent profiles in real-time, that can be shared across all departments, companies and joint ventures. With flexible modern data architecture and agile deployment the solution went live in 18 weeks.Their goal of leveraging data to compete against Amazon Effect and transforming into a customer centric service company became a reality.

We looked for a data management solution that could not only help us model relationships among our pet parents, pet entourages, pets, employees, and stores but do it at scale and in real-time.