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A Leading Healthcare Marketplace in US

A leading healthcare marketplace wanted to provide trusted information about providers and hospitals to the consumers through its online platform. However, they were struggling with siloed and duplicated data and had limited visibility into relationships among hospitals, providers, and consumers. As a result, they couldn’t connect consumers with the right hospital and the right provider. They needed a single view of consumers, their households, providers, and hospitals.

Reltio Cloud was used to deploy a Consumer 360 solution, bringing together patients, providers and facilities of care data to remove friction from the healthcare ecosystem transactions. Using modern data management capabilities, they were able to integrate consumer data from disparate data sources (such as consumer, hospitals, and regulatory) and link unknown with known to uncover consumer journey. In addition, they leveraged Reltio’s Data Monetization solution to create new offerings such as Consumer Data As a Service, Provider Data As a Service, and Facility Data As a Service to deliver high quality data at scale and at the most granular level. With Reltio’s agile and scalable data model, they are now able to meet their changing business needs, operate at a much larger scale, and evolve rapidly to offer diverse set of products.

Reltio Cloud is a foundational component of our data supply chain modernization effort to deliver data at scale, granularity, and high quality.