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Using Data to Create Retail Magic

Talking community, omnichannel and interactivity with luxury brand execs

The Retail Reopening. Promise and possibility abound.

Delighting your customers by showing that you really know them, and providing exciting, personalized experiences whether they’re shopping digitally or downtown, is always in fashion.

Join CMSwire and Chas Kielt, Program Director for Customer and Content at Reltio, for a conversation with two luxury retail executives about their experiences balancing in-store and on-line commerce. Omer Iqbal, Senior Vice President – Digital Transformation Office at Shiseido Group and Katrina Taylor, Head of User Experience + Product Design at Armoire will explore sustaining the fun of shopping therapy over the past year and how they’ve used data and technology to nurture brand and customer loyalty

Katrina and Omer will discuss:

  • Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Experience (DX): what are the differences and synergies? Which drives the other?
  • Next-level DX in fashion, beauty, and retail
  • Consistent omnichannel experiences
  • Designing CX and DX with data

Chas Kielt
Program Director for Customer and Content, Reltio


Dom Nicastro
Moderator, CMSWire

Omer Iqbal

Senior Vice President – Digital Transformation Office at Shiseido Group, a multinational beauty and cosmetics brand founded in 1872 in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. 
“The last 15 years have been very exciting in the beauty and luxury space, where brands have gone from competing with each other to competing with retailers and now are competing for customers’ time and attention. The key is to collect customer data, then turn it into knowledge to drive engaging, relevant, and personalized customer experience.”

Katrina Taylor

Head of User Experience + Product Design at Armoire, a high-end women’s clothing rental service that curates a personalized, luxury closet powered by machine learning.
“I represent the voice of the Armoire customer, translating her needs, pain points and aspirations into a curated, unlimited closet. I design the digital customer experience and product every step of the way — from filling out her style profile, to coming back week after week to select new items from her dream closet.”