Republic Services gained flexibility by unifying customer data.

It replaced its homegrown MDM to create an adaptable data architecture to gain a holistic view of customers and relationships.

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Fragmented, poor-quality data got in the way of business.

Limited cross-selling and upselling.

Siloed data was a barrier to the goal of growing $100 million in cross-sell
and upsell revenue in 3 years.

Poor data quality and many duplicated accounts.

Customer and contact data—”the worst data” in the company—got in the way of business operations.

Integration of newly acquired companies.

Acquired companies each had different data models. They needed harmonized data for unified customer views.

Difficulty reliably contacting customers.

~800K people without full contact data hindered ability to contact them about service delays and billing.

Over-customization of systems.

Highly customized systems made data model changes and integration difficult—and limited use of new features.

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Why Republic Services chose our platform.

Acquiring $3B of companies demanded a flexible, scalable solution to integrate different lines of business and data models—without requiring cumbersome customization.

Ability to integrate complex data across systems.

Needed to unify and harmonize data across many systems for a single view of customers and contacts.

Flexible, adaptable system to reduce disruptions.

Enabled iterative implementation with frequent changes and corrections to support dynamic data needs.

Prebuilt matching rules and robust features.

B2B velocity pack enabled quick implementation, and powerful features limited need for customization.

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Delivering trusted, unified data across the enterprise.

Unified customer and contact data across 7 systems.

Created “one version of Joe” by integrating with Salesforce, billing, and customer portal systems.

Deduplicated and enriched data.

Matched, merged, and cleansed data—then enriched it from Dun & Bradstreet and other sources.

Completed first phase of implementation in 7 months.

Used prebuilt rules and best practices—with Reltio professional services—to go live quickly.

Revised business processes to minimize customization.

Fixed existing processes to streamline them and limit the need for customization.

“Our billing system had no sense of person. If the person for 15 accounts was overseeing 30 sites, that person was in the system 45 times from the billing perspective.

When it went into Reltio, it would go in as 45 separate crosswalks, get merged, and go to Salesforce as one clean person. Sales could see the person oversees 45 accounts and sites, which was huge for them.”

Director of Customer Data, Republic Services

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