Manish Sood: NYSE interview on the pivotal role of AI and data management in today’s tech landscape

In a recent interview on the New York Stock Exchange’s Floor Talk, Manish Sood, CEO and founder of Reltio, shared insights on how data unification and management platforms are transforming business operations. Reltio helps enterprises overcome data silos by unifying fragmented customer, product, and supplier information, enabling faster decision-making and accelerated business actions.

Manish highlighted the growing interest in AI and the pivotal role data management plays in these efforts. He emphasized that for enterprises to maximize the value of their AI investments, relevant and trusted data must be used to fuel and hydrate AI models. Reltio’s approach combines “built with AI’, “built in AI’, and “built for AI,” leveraging AI to accelerate productivity while building features that are fueled by AI, such as data stitching and 360-degree views of core enterprise data elements.

Looking ahead, Manish envisions AI and cloud-based data management systems going hand-in-hand. As enterprises continue to grapple with fragmented data landscapes, trusted data will be a key part of the equation for the successful adoption and maximum value realization of AI investments. Reltio aims to support customers across various verticals in their journey towards faster adoption and benefits from unified data, ultimately driving better business outcomes through AI.